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The mouse hesitated, sniffed left and right, and then followed the giant man up the stairs. The mouse had more than eaten his fill for the night, there were several hiding places in the big man's room, and there would be no safer place for a small furry creature in all the city. He chose a chink in the wall, climbed in and contentedly curled up for the night.


With a gasp, Mellonin turned and looked at the now empty stairwell. She had forgotten to ask Baran about her brother! Poor Mellondu! What a poor excuse for a sister she was; her brother needed her, and she was that easily distracted, flitterint about and twittering like a sparrow. Daft, daft! Muttering, she turned to the other guests.

The day wore on. People came and went, some chatty, some secretive. Rog and his friend did not talk much. Neither did the elf and his strange lady-friend, except for his arguing over how much she drank. The common room filled and then emptied as the evening drew to a close. Mellonin watched the guests leave the common room, some by the front door, some up the stairs to their rooms. No one had seen her younger male 'twin', or if they had they weren't admitting it. "Tomorrow I will ask again; there will be news soon," she whispered.

Morien was wiping down the bar with a grimy rag, and he waved it at her. "Third floor, second-to-last door on the left. Small, but near the chimney; you'll be warm enough."

She nodded wearily, and then paused. She had no nightclothes! She had never fetched her things. With a sigh, she decided there was no time like the present. Morien guessed her thoughts, fished in his pocket for a key, changed his mind and said, "The kitchen window will be loose. Reach in and unlock the door that way." He poured a glass of something golden and melted up the stairs.

An hour later, Mellonin was back, all her belongings awkwardly bundled in her winter cloak. She reached through the window and unlocked the door, and dropped her bundle inside. But the stars were too lovely, and after the walk she was wide awake. She lingered outside the kitchen door.
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.
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