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Leninia managed a feeble "bite me, you scum" before quickly realizing that a different approach was in order.

Thinking on her pretty little feet, she scurried over toward what she judged to be the most, charitable member of the ObviouslyJiggyWithItship.

"Woe is me!" She sighed tenderly, kneeling in front of a rather confused Earnur, leaning down so that almost the entirety of her, um, charms was exposed to her dumbfounded audience. "What is a reformed soul-sucker to do whilst facing the greatest defeate of her already woeful life?"

"Er, um." Earnur replied manfully.

"Am I to be abandoned here, robbed of my best friend, rotting in my own misery, ravished by despair?" Leninia continued, her lower lip trembling deliciously.

Here Earnur grunted most thoughtfully.

Pearl-like tears gathering in her gorgeous eyes ("The colour of the blackest black-out" Earnur thought fondly).

"Can I not accompany you to lands where my thoroughly broken spirit, and perhaps some of my other, um, parts can be healed?" Leninia begged.

Earnur scratched his manly nose, deep in thought (or, perhaps, deep in trying to analyze his desire to sneeze).

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