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Child's post for Lindir

Lindir reached inside his satchel and pulled out a small leather bag full of tobacco. Then he handed Dorran a wooden pipe with a wide flattened bowl, took another for himself, and gestured for the man of Rohan to sit beside him on the ground. The pair smoked in silence for a while, lying on their backs and staring up at the stars. These had come out from behind the clouds and heavy mists so that they were clearly visible for the first time that evening.

Finally, Lindir sat up and spoke, “A moment to rest and think….sometimes it can be a precious thing. But who would believe it, even in these times? An Elf and a Man sitting and smoking Longbottom Leaf in the middle of a Mordor plain.” Lindir sent a thin steam of smoke out from his lips in a curlicue fashion and glanced over at his friend to explain, “Carl gave me this when we started. I’ve been saving it for the right time.”

“The right time?” echoed Dorran in a puzzled tone. “I know of no reason for celebration. We have taken only one small step and still have many to go.” The man stared across the glade to where his wife was working on those who had been injured.

“No reason to celebrate yet. That is true. But there may be other reasons for two friends to share a pouch of Longbottom.” Lindir gave Dorran a sidewise glance and then plunged ahead. “I find it helps if I sit down and have a smoke before I do something that I find very difficult. Actually, I was thinking that you might want to keep that pipe with you and fill it with tobacco for when we come into the camp later tonight.”

“You are trying to tell me something? Even a thick headed soldier can see that. What is it that you would like me to do? I am afraid I can not help much with a sword or bow right now.”

“Yes, I heard. Aiwendil told me. I am just glad it was no worse. And though I would love to have your fighting arm, your knowledge of strategy and traps and ways to deceive an attacker may prove just as valuable. Still, that wasn’t what I was talking about.”

There was another moment of silence between them while Lindir struggled to find the right words. “You are the only one among us who has actually done what these men are setting out to do: to escape from the heavy burden of being a slave and find a way to build a life. Somehow I think that what you say could mean much more than anything I or the others could offer. I can tell these men and women I grieve for what they have been through and that I believe in their ability to forge a new path. But coming from me, those are just words. But if you could talk and honestly tell them how it was for you and your sister, perhaps they would listen not just with their heads but with their hearts. I am not sure I should ask you to do this. Speaking before a group of strangers is one thing, but speaking about that part of your past will not be easy.”

Lindir stared down at the ground remembering the day that he had been asked to appear before the White Council and talk about the years he had spent serving under Celebrimbor, a time in his life which had had such calamitous results. He had not found that easy; nor would it be easy for Dorran.

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