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Arrival at camp:

After Shae’s wounds were cleansed and bandaged, the rest of the party collected on the grassy knoll that faced west and set out at an easy lope. There was no sign that they were being followed.

As Lindir had suggested, the riders doubled up so no one had to walk. At first Azhar rode behind Athwen, but, after they had gone a short distance, she had lost her grip and nearly tumbled onto the ground. The girl was still groggy and weak from fever. Needing a stronger hand to steady her, Azhar had been lifted up and placed in front of Lindir. The elf wrapped one arm about her waist and cradled his body close to hers. She was obviously ill, and even Athwen had not known what was causing the fever. Lindir could hear the girl’s light, uneven breath and observe her pallid face. Leaning back on his shoulder, she slipped in and out of consciousness. These unexplained symptoms did not bode well. Once or twice, Lindir thought he heard her softly mouth the name “Rôg”.

Before the elf could give any thought to this new mystery involving Rôg, the riders had arrived on the outskirts of camp. Lindir could see half a dozen tiny campfires flickering in the distance. The camp was located in a broad vale that lay just below their feet, partially hidden by a ring of bracken and bushes, yet still visible to anyone who might approach from the outside plain. At Lindir’s request, Shae had come up beside him; he had also asked Kwell to ride near the front of the small band, explaining “I will need both of you, to help talk us into camp.”

As the horses went downhill and picked their way through the tangle of stunted vegetation, Lindir posed a question for Shae and Kwell: “Do you know where the guards are stationed?”

His question was met by four insistent blasts from a ram’s horn, sounding not more than twenty feet away. Two figures darted out behind them and another to the front, all converging with swords and daggers outstretched. At the base of the hill from the camp itself, Lindir could hear the sound of a hoard of tramping feet hurrying to reach them.

Raising both hands above his head to prove he harbored no ill intentions and signaling the others to do the same, the elf cried out, “We come from Elessar. We bring the prisoners from the slavers’ camp. Your own people will vouch for us.” Lindir glanced over at Kwell and Shae and gestured that one of them should speak.

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