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The two orcs sat down a comfortable distance away from the sleeping Uruks as they got back to their camp. Gwerr showed Ishkur to sat down. He had a thing or two in his mind.

“Okay, mate. We discuss then?” he opened and grinned in a way that was close to being amicable with the orc standards. He lifted his left eybrow and offered Ishkur a piece of dried meat and started going through his backpack to find the beerflask. “Just a second...” he murmured and finally produced the time-beaten goatskin from his sack. “Here we go then, hopefully we can fill this the next night as you promised!”

They both took long draughts of the lukewarm ale and burbed after it, a sign of mutual agreement. As Ishkur started to chew the offered bite of meat Gwerr queried him.

“So the elf down there, what do you think of it? Are the elves meddling into the way things go on here after that blasted Elessar got his victory? Weren’t they supposed to run and flee away from these lands? If not, that would be bad news indeed... We’ve been fighting the elves for too long and they should really just beat themselves out from here. I mean, they don’t belong here so why should they want to stay?”

Gwerr lokked at Ishkur quizzically, but Ishkur’s mouth was so full and busy that he couldn’t answer him. So Ishkur just nodded to the issue and looked thoughtful and worried. At least that was Gwerr’s interpretation of it.

“And then those Uruks”, Gwerr added before Ishkur had finished his chewing. The dried meat took time to consume. “Do you really think there is something that can make one so much wiser in their birth already? I mean, yes, they are smarter than most of our fellows here, but could they actually be wiser than we two, or Colagar...?” Then he bursted to a smile. “Well, yes maybe wiser than Colagar... surely, that doesn’t take much?” And then he laughed, a kind of nervous laughter that was trailing his thoughts all the time. Things were not going well and Gwerr was worried.

“I mean, how can they be so wise if they are only thirty somethings and we have experience of what, two millenia and more? Can anything match the knowledge from experience? I don’t think so, but still they seem to be at level with us, even wiser, like tonight as they just sleep and take no part to this over-daring looting we’ve been doing...”

Gwerr shooked his head and took a bite of the meat himself. Waiting for his companion to clear his mouth. He was really anxious for his answers. Weird, I’m not used to pay heed to the opinioins of others, but now I’m really interested about what Ishkur has to say... We must be in this together, otherwise it’s the end of us all.
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