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Dark-Eye more for the hey of it

Here's the list from pages 6 through 10. Sheesh! You guys were busy over these five pages if I had nothing to do with it!

6 am flights
6th Form
ache that comes from flossing after a long hiatus
acute paranoia
adjectives used in place of adverbs
adults who do not remember how it is to be young
adults who think moody teenagers care about the difficulties of being a parent
adults who think teens' negative thought are due to hormones and moodiness alone
after-date paranoia
allergic conjunctivitis
allergies and all of their varied symptoms
annoying English teachers
annoying guys who provide the voiceovers at the end of infomercials and commercials
anything boring
anything that keeps one from playing WW games
apathetic English teachers
attempting to accomplish Orkish havoc characterized as "doing nothing"
attendance office at school with wrong information
Axe-murderers (in a soon to be released ATM near you....)
bad email software
bad habits
bad thinking behind banning computer access while allowing long phone calls
bad translations
Bags of candy that come to an end too soon
Balrog Wingers
banning of the internet
Bar chords...hardest notes to play on the guitar
being bashful around people you know you'll get on excellent with
being introverted
Being left at school because answering machine didn't work right
Being Forbidden from entering The Barrowdowns
being out of clean clothes
being too sick to flirt (watch out, ATM ladies - 'she was just about to flirt with the cute boy when suddenly she felt sick enough to puke')
Biology Lab partner who looks down your blouse
black flies
blisters from unbroken argyle flats
blisters from unbroken flip flops
blisters from wearing huge boots
Books that look interesting on the covers but are not inside.
books written by Roald Dahl
boring English teachers
Breast cancer
bus drills in gym class where they make you jump off the back of the bus
CaptainofDespair (cameo role?)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (book & movies)
children who cannot see how much they mean to their parents
classes where everybody's opinion is different from yours
classes you hate but still do well in
"classy heels" required for business attire
Cold snaps
college applications
college applications as more important than wreaking Orkish havoc in an RPG
college dorm parties
college placement tests
Collegiate insomnia
computer game which does not let you save your progress whenever you want
computers that screw up while using them
Creepy teachers
criticism about, not to, a person
crystal clear bad memories
customer service departments that keep you on hold a little bit longer than forever
Customs checks
Declaring feelings to somebody and them not returning them
Department of Motor Vehicles
diarrea (you ATM players are really in for it!)
difference between English and American spelling
distributors of speed cameras
dog bites
dogs that bite (mean, nasty, clothes wearing dogs that bite in ATM)
Dread Backspace Button Of Doom ... which works like internet 'back' command
dread from finding a check you thought you mailed to pay a bill
drivers who drive through a flood at top speed
elastic bands in braces
English classes
Eomer of the Rohirrim (cameo role?)
errant pronunciations of the name "Bach"
excess mucous
Excess phlegm (and I mean, really in for it!)
extroverts who try to make conversation when you are not in the mood
evil, sarcastic, sadistic teachers
facial spots
fathers who think they know everything about computers & delete your programs
Films based on books that radically alter storylines
finding a whole chick pea lurking in your braces 6 hours after your last meal
- (what's a british youth doing with braces? has there been a dental revolution in England?)
flight delays
forgetting how to draw
Forgetting what you wanted to post
French teacher
Frodo and Sam with cameo roles in LMP's Mordor RP
general heat
Generic, uninventive Tolkien fanfiction
geography teachers
getting a paragraph in reply to a five page letter
getting lynched on the first Day of Werewolf
girls that claim to be LOTR fans because of Legolas
going to bed when it's light out
going to work on Saturday
halitosis (bad breath caused by gingivitis)
having no common language
having the wrong textbook with a looming test
having to share a laundry facility with 140 women
havng to wait until LMP says so to watch that madly fun sounding RP unfold
history of language
Hollywood and its fruitcakes
hovering parents
huge workloads
human tongue
hundred degree greenhouse
hurting knees
hypocritical parents
Idiotic bees
inability to breathe
institutional food
inventor of shoes that are loose around the ankles but tight on the toes
irrational fear of phone calls
Johnny Depp (cameo?)
JK Rowling (cameo?)
'kotex fits. period' (billboards in ATM)
lack of the Assigned to Mordor RPG (now that would be weird!)
Level 81 in the Pit of 100 Trials in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
lima beans
local press
Locker combinations that get stuck
Lord of the Rings note books ... sold out
mandatory meeting right after sweaty excerise
medication tolerance
men who hit women
Men who unintelligently assign a woman's bad mood to hormones (is there an intelligent way of doing it?)
misused homophones
modern world's way of taking all the fun out of life
monosodium glutimate
Multiple lynching in Werewolf (need to work this into ATM somehow...)
nagging parents
nagging thoughts you realize you should have listened to
neighbours who put up large aluminum sheds which block all sun from your garden
New computers
nights when there is a full moon (so it's always a full moon in Mordor)
noisy air conditioners
not being in the same class with your friends
Not having enough time for PMs
offspring who don't understand the difficulties of being a parent
Once respectable people who sell their soul by acting in lousy commercials
online college application forms
osteopaths who try to crush you
Overplayed songs
pain from first ever dance class
parents and their children
parents who think that you're nervous about leaving for college in the morning when you're not
Parents who abuse their children
parents who brag about their children
parents who cannot understand their children
People on IM who sign in and out repeatedly
People who believe that they are the only important beings in the universe
people who claim that the advert breaks are no louder than the programmes
people who don't turn up for meetings they set
People who don't understand introverts
people who repeatedly don't show up when you invite them
people who give away spoilers to books and movies without warning
people who have no regard for others
People who litter instead of using a trash can 15 feet away
people who make fun of people with asthma
people who pronounce it Ray-min noodles
people who spill liquor wantonly
people who spit gum out on to the pavement
people who think that a Straight Edge lifestyle means you've got a gang mentality
people who use personal grief as an excuse to treat other peple badly
people who wearing sockless sandals bring small space heaters to warm up the space under their desks
people you thought were your friends stabbing you in the back
permanent paranoia of law enforcement officers
Personal statements on college applications
Phys. Ed. teachers who ignore the fact of your asthma
piles of wet tissues that come with allergies
political correctness
pop drinkers
pop-up ads
Practice job interviews with your parents
pretentious use of silent letters
process by which one's wisdom teeth are removed
pushy and angsty cousins
Quadratic Function
Rap music
really heavy textbooks
repair shops that are behind schedule
ridiculous conspiracy theories
ridiculous conspiracy theorists
Road Construction during the worst time of the year
Roald Dahl
role of Ranger in werewolf
rumors that idiots spread
Saturday morning classes
Sauron's finger and its army
school districts that separate best friends to different schools
school uniform
school when it is absolutely pointless
Screwing up a simple drawing
skinned knees
Slipping on garbage left by others in streets
social conventions of enduring arrogant people with politeness
Soda & coke drinkers
Sore throats
Speed cameras
spoilt kids that howl on the street
sports physicals
Standard Of Learning tests that force teachers to teach "to the test"
strip searches at airports
stubbed toes
students who insist on coming to school when they are sick
summer air conditioning that is set far, far too cold
sweat patches
Teachers who don't make maths interesting and explain it properly
teens who don't understand that parents see their children as extensions of themselves
Telemarketers who switch the long-distance service you've told them you're happy with
telemarketing companies
text books that cost over a hundred bucks a piece and that they have no used versions of
The Saucepan Man (cameo role?)
thoughts that won't get properly organized to post a serious post to a Books thread
Tooth fillings that begin to peel off
trying to figure out where to go to University
UCAS applications
unidentified phone caller
unnecessary aspects of plot
used Handkerchiefs
vacation being over
Warranties that expire right before something breaks down
water that accidentally gets inhaled
wet used handkerchief in your pocket
When you really like a thread but can't think of anything to say
whoever decided to make Lucius Malfoy so attractive in the Harry Potter films
windshield wiper blades that always streak in the line of vision (the orcs behind the wheel driving cars - with flat tires - too fast in Mordor should love this)
'witch' at the other end of the office
worries that pick at the mind whether traveling will be safe
worst subjects all in the same semester
Yellow cars (and all PT Cruisers at that!)
"You are judged by the company you keep." (to be on billboards in Mordor)

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