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University is just the wrong time to fall in love.
But how could you last through all those years without falling in love?
It's easy if you try. Everyone has a romance-hormones-emotions on/off switch- it's just that a lot of people don't use it. I can flip the switch with about 99% success. When the switch doesn't work- well, that's when you just make sure you're really busy with a lot of other stuff.

Learn to flip the switch. It's an invaluable asset. I was in this marketing class and I got put in a group with these three girls with jaw-dropping looks and pretty good brains. If I wouldn't have been able to flip the romance-hormones-emotions switch to the off position, I never would've been able to get an ounce of work done.
On the same topic, my own disgruntlement leads me to assign those people to Mordor who assume that to live a life with no romantic interests must be the greatest of hardships
Ha ha! That sounds like some of my friends.

But it's not that hard at all. I get to spend all of my time and money on me and me alone. I can go where I want to, when I want to, and how I want to- things you can't do (or shouldn't do) when you have a girlfriend.

Though I'm not proud of it, I am rather immature for my age and still have some of the self-centered thought processes of a child, so being single suits me quite well.

(how much you wanna bet that quote makes it into TORE's sig )
"Being in love", eh? Now you've gone and done it. ATM, here we go!
So, I guess that means that two of the ATM participants are going to have to fall in love at some point in the rpg, eh lmp?

Or perhaps one of us can fall in love with one of the anakronisms, like Britney Spears.
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