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Don't worry Lalaith it's not that funny. If you say the word aloud to your self you should realise it sounds a lot like another word that has nothing to do with playing piano. I can't say I've found the likness amusing though or that I even think of it/realise when I use the word pianist, because I'm just thinking about piano's and musicians... I guess some people have a different sense of humour... Again, don't worry you're not missing much!

I assign people who act knowing that their actions are going to hurt/upset/offend or otherwise make miserable, one or more persons.

For example: The housemate who defaced my LotR cardboard cut-out knowing that I'd had it for years and that it was a gift for my 16th birthday and knowing how much LotR and Tolkien means to me (ok, so a minor example... but still vallid, I think)
cilith war.
men war.
Boe min mebi.
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