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Indeed, what about Leafa? He looked into her eyes, drinking in the loveliness of her. She smiled a little back to him, but there was questioning in her eyes. She was as much a lady as was Bellyn. He did not want to leave her, but the quest still called, for Mellondu had said as much. So she must stay. Still, Raefindan had helped to open a whole new way to Ędegard's thinking by suggesting that he ask Leafa what she thought of a matter instead of making all choices and telling her afterward; when he had done so, he had found more reason to love her than before, for she was as wise as winsome! But some things did not change. Women should not be brought into the wild to face danger without cause. Surely there was guard enough in himself and the other men, but that overlooked the main thing. And the main thing was that unmarried lasses did not go adventuring with unmarried lads without older men and women to watch over them.

"Leafa will stay behind, I think, for there is none calls herself Leafa's guardian to watch her into the wilds. What say you, Raefindan?"


Raefindan shook his head, which felt cobwebby with all these old notions that he had only read of in history books. Still, there were no police in town after town to see to the law, so he could see why they would think the way they did.

"I admit that I am unfamiliar with these ways you speak of, though I've read about them. It is in my nature to ask for the thought of those who will be affected by these decisions we make for them. I think we owe their loyalty that much, even if the matter is settled." He looked from face to face. "Um, is it? Settled, I mean?"
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