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Erebemlin studied the mortal king curiously. Could it be that this king of great renown and reputation was more concerned with the blacksmith than the great elven lord? Surely he was simply interested in what human had been chosen to house Amroth and ensuring that the quest would be continued. Surely.

The tall ellon began uncertainly, still attempting to discern Elessar’s intentions. “The young human lives in this city. I met with him in the home of his parents yesterday.”

Elessar nodded slowly. It seemed to Erebemlin that he appeared more interested after hearing Mellondu lived within his city’s walls. The king shifted his weight slightly in his seat and leaned on his elbow. “And during this meeting, did the boy agree to finish the quest?”

“Yes, he did, my lord.” Erebemlin paused and his eyes flashed as he began again. “The lord Amroth is still within him. I can feel his presence deep within, but I…” Stopping, the Lorien elf glanced at Tharonwë who had yet to be taken. Turning his eyes back, Arwen caught his gaze and he knew she felt his fear before he voiced it. “Lord Elessar, if I may, I would prefer to wait until the captive was lead away before I continue.”

Taitheneb caught Tharonwë’s eyes blaze and could feel his pleasure in sowing the doubt within the Silmaethor.

“I understand your concern,” Elessar spoke to Erebemlin but his eyes were on the swamp elf. “We will wait for the guards to arrive.” The king whispered something inaudible to his wife, and she nodded in reply. Facing the elves again, he stood and kindness shown in his eyes. “It is nearly time for the noon meal. It would be my pleasure if you would join us and we might discuss these matters in more detail.” Erebemlin and Taitheneb bowed in gratitude for the invitation.

At that moment, two guards entered the hall wearing the armour of the king. The first guard strode forward carrying binds. He reached toward the swamp elf, but Elessar stopped him. “I do not believe you will need those. Am I right, Maegeleb?”

The elf bowed his head slightly and replied, “I will go peacefully as I have nothing to hide.”

“So be it,” the king answered decisively.

The party watched as Tharonwë was lead from the hall with a guard on either side of him. Erebemlin cared not if the elf was bound. He knew the swamp elf’s dangerousness did not come from his physical prowess but the power of his mind. The Lorien elves could not help feeling relief when Tharonwë rounded the corner and was lost to sight.

“Now come,” Elessar held out his arms to show the elves the way to his dining hall. “Let us sit and talk.”
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