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Sickly sweet smile. Maegeleb quickly removed the expression from his face. This Iorgil was as readable as the largest sign posted on the greatest gate.

"So you are my jailer," Maegeleb intoned evenly, conveying just the right degree of nobility and benevolent disdain so as to communicate to this young man - very young man apparently - his comparable worth in the presence of an elf.

The young man nodded dumbly.

"Surely you have seen an elf before." You are in the presence of greatness.

"Yes, sir. I have seen the Queen."

"Of course." This elf before you is too great for your curiosity.

"Um, I must return to my duty."

"That you must." This elf cannot be guilty of whatever crime he is charged with!

There. Let those thoughts moulder and merge with the mullings of the young man. For now. That Roy Edwards' hypnotism, merged with osanwë, was a most effective means of achieving one's ends.
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