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White Tree Mellondu

Bitterness sometimes gave way to disbelief, as he followed in the footsteps of the tall golden elf. How could he be leaving his city? Again? Of his own free will? Time and time again, he was tempted to turn back. In front of him strode Erebemlin; behind him, as if mistrustful that his king's packhorse might change his mind and bolt homeward, followed Taitheneb. Three confounded elves in a row, as if they were on parade.

He twitched, and shuddered, and shook his head. I am a man, and no elf, he snarled at himself. Yet the image lingered, and in his minds' eye, behind Erebemlin he saw-- or did he feel?-- not a small slender man from a city of stone, but a tall, broad-shouldered, golden-haired woodland king. He shook his head again and again, but the image lingered on.

He spat.

Then he turned to look past Taitheneb. There strode the goldenhaired Rohirrim, and behind them, Ravion, and Raefindan, and the thief-- Aeron. All middling size; all refreshingly mortal. He nodded fiercely, and with lips pressed thin, turned back around.

The three elves strode on, with the men following behind, leading their horses away from the city.

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