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For a moment Azhar stood frozen on top of the hill, unable to move or speak. She could not believe Kwell was deserting her and disobeying Lindir's instructions. When the elf had led them into the grove, he had been very clear about what they should do. He had told them to stay and that the older children should try and help protect the little ones.

As Kwell scrambled away without a backwards glance, Azhar darted a few steps forward and cried out in parting, "Kwell, you louse. I'm no child. I'm as old as you. You're just doing this to show off and prove something to yourself. A real soldier wouldn't disobey his captain's instructions, and he wouldn't desert his post, just because he doesn't like the job he's been given."

Azhar stomped back up the hill in a grim mood. Despite her brave words, she felt lonely and deserted. Maybe Kwell was right. They had stuck her here because she was too sick and young to fight. Basically, she was useless. At least Lindir had given Kwell a weapon. She didn't even have that. What if an attack on their position came? How would she protect herself or the younger children if she had nothing more useful than her bare hands with which to fight? Forgetting her fever and the persistent ache in her head, Azhar stood up and slowly began to gather rocks, still feeling utterly useless.

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