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Of a sudden, the air began to shake, the ground grew heavy, and the world seemed to mix clichès with all the glee of an ancient and shrivelled creative writing teacher on medication for a misdiagnosed disorder.
The Gondorian Ambassadors froze in their steps, looking behind them to the looming Mount Doom Palace and Casino. Those inside, including the hopelessly lost Tollin and Smilog, the gleefully plotting Roggie and Skittles, and the woefully incapable-of-finding-the-monarch-and-his-crazed-companion other Ambassadors, shivered, previously convinced that Mount Doom was dormant, now slightly concerned.

Alli, seated in an armchair by the fire, staring broodingly into it and missing Aimè while pretending to do the paperwork laying lonely on her lap, looked up.

Anakron Istkon Vayor froze in his very long and wrathful steps, looking suddenly at the staff in his hand. Without hesitation he ran back toward where he had come from, hiking his abnormally flowing - but in a good way - robes high, his pale legs covering ground quickly. He found a balcony with the ease that could only come from a writer wanting him to quickly find it without worry over split infinitives or actual story-based reasonings for it being conveniently there and he looked down at the road far below, his nose wrinkling artistocratically as the fumes from the city rose toward him.

His imperious eyes scanned the ground for the source of the world's shaking, occasionally glaring at the staff in his grasp and finally found it.

The Gondorian Ambassadors spotted him from afar and seemed to diminish in size as the Mount Doom Palace and Casino grew.

"May the Valar take pity upon us..." murmered Hyarmenwë, his eyes growing round. "We must return!"

Before another word could be spoken, another character hijacked, another run-on sentence composed, Mount Doom Casino and Resort, due to an anomoly in the Dweomer/Reality continuum, sprouted wheels and drove away.

Alli had risen with the first of the shudderings and ran, spotting Anakron and stopping.

"What is happening and why are the Gondorians standing in the road that SHOULD be outside of this palace!?!?!?" Anakron glared at her superfluous use of punctuation and capitalization and held onto a railing for balance.

Already in the distance, Angawen, Hyarmenwë, and Bearugard stared in disbelief as the mountain they had only just left zoomed away.

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