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Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Hookbill the Goomba is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
"No, no, no!" cried Smilog, "Not again! Not again!" the mountain shook violently as it drove over the plains of Gorgoroth with insane speed. The Dwarf struggled to his feet and began climbing the stairs, even though they shook like Aragorn on bath night. Tollin swiftly followed on, trying desperately to keep on his feet, though the g-force was beginning to press them against the sides of the staircase.

"What is going on?" cried Tollin, "This is an unusual Mountain indeed! But this has never happened before!"

"Yes it has!" cried Smilog as he hung on to the banister and climbed desperately up the stairs, "and its my fault, I think!" Tollin was about to ask what he meant, but just then they saw Roggie crawling through a door at the top of the stairs. "Oi!" cried Smilog, "will you help us?"

"No!" Cried Roggie as he vanished behind the door and seemed to lock it behind him, "you're not coming out till I've stopped this Mountain!"

"But I can help you stop it!" The dwarf desperately hung on as the violent rumbling of the engine began to shake the chamber. "I know what's going on!"

"Shut up!" cried Roggie, who then left. Tollin moved up the stairs with determination, he was stronger than Smilog, so he was able to carry his newfound friend up the stairs. When they came to the door at the top, it wasn't long before the shaking of the mountain caused the door to fall apart as well as the stairs beneath them. Smilog and Tollin almost fell to their deaths, but the Minotaur hung on to the edge for all he was worth and climbed back up.

Eventually, the shaking seemed to dye down and become smoother. They must have come to a flat plain and be cruising along quite nicely. "What did you mean?" asked Tollin, "you know what’s going on?"

"Sort of," grumbled Smilog, "its a long story. Basically, my father was involved with Sauron quite deeply." Tollin gasped and looked strongly at the Dwarf, "I wasn't, by the way. I was too young at the time. He was involved in some super secret mission that Sauron gave him and all the Dwarves he had on his side. It was called..." Smilog paused and drew breath, "Project Zoom!"

"You know about that?" cried Roggie from behind a corner, "you little traitor! I'll kill you!" He dashed at the Dwarf, but Tollin stood in his way.

"Listen to me!" cried Smilog, "I am no traitor! I hated my father's work, and he repented fully of his deeds after he saw what damage the project could do. The plan was to make Mount Doom mobile, just in case anyone tried to destroy the One Ring, also to just wreak havoc in Middle Earth. The project was abandoned when Sauron decided that his victory was guaranteed, he threw all the Dwarves out of Mordor. My father told me all about it, he said they'd done enough that if anyone found the secret, they could resurrect it easily. I was assigned to Mordor to find the Zoom project and destroy it!"

Roggie huffed and puffed unhappily, small fires busted out all over him as he tried to process all of this information. Tollin strode forwards and looked around, he saw that there were on the first floor of the Casino. "We should try and get to the control room," he said, "i assume there is one?"

"Yes," said Smilog miserably, "the Crack of Doom! I suppose asking you to re-start negotiations is folly now, Roggie?"
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