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Good question.

So far nobody has made the necessary connection between Indil's dreams and Amroth, Nimrodel, Mithrellas, and Imrazor. Until that occurs, the rationale for taking Indil with to hunt for the women has not occurred. Dense Raefindan.

1. Raefindan (or somebody) realizes that Indil's dreams are about the Amroth quest.

2. It is determined which males are willing to be on the remainder of the quest. Liornung? (depending on Nuru) Erebemlin - yes; Taitheneb? (I don't think we need him); Ădegard - yes, for now; Raefindan - yes; Ravion? (where's Orual? and do we need him if we have Bergil and Erebemlin to track?); Mellondu - yes; Bergil - yes; Aeron - yes. Any men I've forgotten?

3. The males hunt for the women.

4. Saethryd succeeds in nursing Mellonin back to health.

5. Jorje returns to Rugh and somehow R figures out that he must go with Jorje back to Saethryd.

6. TharonwŰ captures Leafa and Bella (nobody thought of this until this moment, but we need some suspense, no?)

Does any of these suggestions seem not good?
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