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Originally Posted by littlemanpoet
So far nobody has made the necessary connection between Indil's dreams and Amroth, Nimrodel, Mithrellas, and Imrazor. Until that occurs, the rationale for taking Indil with to hunt for the women has not occurred. Dense Raefindan.
Since this part most pertains to me...

Indil is most attached to Raefindan and Bergil, so they'd be the ones she's be speaking directly to. Of the two, Bergil is less likely to realize Indil's dreams are related to the quest, due to character and lack of association thus far with the quest itself.

She's downright nervous around Erebemlin, though his being an Elf makes for plausible understanding on this.

I doubt it would be Ędegard or Ravion.

Maybe Mellondu because of his own experience.

I would say maybe Aeron would figure it out because of Gwyllion showing up rather frequently, because he's a sharp fellow, and because he strikes me as the type to know and realize more than he maybe ought.

Of the male characters, I'd guess the most likely to catch the connection will be either Raefindan, Erebemlin, or Aeron.

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