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Silmaril Thoughts

I loved all your additions, and the Legolas thing adds a very nice Bilbo-ish dimension to everything. I had only a few comments.

DE-EX-10: I had a question.
DE-EX-10<HoME 12; Last Writings The Dwarves add that at that time Aul gained them also this privilege that distinguished them from Elves and Men: that the spirit of each of the Fathers {(such as Durin) }should,
Why is (such as Durin) removed? also in DE-EX-11.

DE-EX-11: There is a minor grammatical issue that arises out of combining different sources.
Then after long years he should arise and take up his kingship again [.....] and to bear once more their ancient names: of whom Durin was the most renowned in after ages, father of that kindred most friendly to the Elves, whose mansions were at Khazad-dm.
The italicized words should be changed to "his" and "name" respectively.

That was it!
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