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"Sauron kills Elendil, and Gil-Galad although he is ultimately defeated."
Did you even look at that link I posted?Sauron was at the height of his power during this battle. He had the ring in his possession when he fought with Elendil and Gil-Galad. It has been said already in this forum that when Sauron was at the height of his power, with the ring in his possession, he was more powerful than Morgoth. Now perhaps you should take a look at the "Uh wots a Maiar???/" thread to see what exactly a Maiar is.

You seem to be measuring Morgoth and Sauron with the wrong system. Of course they were strong fighters when compared to elves and men--they were both Ainur after all. But the point that you are refusing to acknowledge is that they were incredibly weak compared to members of their own race. A Maiar at the peak of his power is overthrown by two mortals. Morgoth, a Valar, is wounded by a single elf in a duel.

Perhaps this will help drive my point into your skull. Sauron's case would equate to Gandalf (as Gandalf the White) being overthrown by the two mightiest orcs in Mordor. As for Morgoth, imagine what we would think if Manw was challenged by the strongest orc of the first Age, and was seriously wounded. Would the fight still be hopeless? Of course it would! It's a Valar fighting a member of a mortal race. As stated by Tolkien in one of the Letters, the Valar were the "gods" of Ea. For a mortal (elves included because they can be slain) to wound a god, that god must not be a very powerful divine being.

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