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Hullo, I'm Pippin Pondlily. And even though my name is Pippin i'm actually a girl. Fancy, eh? Well I'm new here at the Barrow Downs I think it looks like a pretty fancy site and a good place to enjoy the rest of my lazy summer days and hopefully be able to continue my time here even with school coming up in a little over a month ...

I grew up reading Tolkien and enjoyed the movies. (I'm 16 by the way) I had to re read the books for a summer reading project, actually, and I got absorbed in it again so I thought I'd see what's going on with Lord of the Rings in the superwide world eh?

I also wanted to check out the RPGs hereabouts and see how that works. I'll probably start looking at that as soon as i post this. Anyways, c'est tout.

- P. Pondlily

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