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Great idea Nerindel. I'll happily seize it!
Tallas will be near by Bree, I take it.
I had to read over my post, but I put Tallas' hut south west of Archet but east of Combe (in Fonstads map it's the trianglular wooded area next to Combe)

here's the description of his hut:

"Well, we are here!" he said gesturing to a small ring of majestic oaks. Hidden within sat a small wooden house, which even her elven eyes had not perceived until he pointed it out.

"Stay close!" She whispered to the white mare as she followed Tallas through the green and brown wooden door. A small copper kettle whistled over the fire in the dimly lit room and the musty smell of the dried herb's that hung from the rafters reach her nose. On a small oak table by the south facing window sat two earthen ware mugs and a platter of fresh bread and cheese.

"well! do you plan to stand there all day or will you join me for tea" he laughed indicating the vacant chair across from him. Removing her bow and sitting Léspheria's eyes fell on the shelves that lined the length and breadth of the north wall, various vials, jars and bottles sat neatly upon the shelves.
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