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"We came because he," Menelduliniel said, elbowing Estelarion hard, causing him to almost choke on his drink, "Desires to travel to Imladris to seek his family. He will not listen to me that, knowing the close kinship that Elrond and Thranduil hold, I will most likely not be welcome. Ah, we will see where the trail ends. Who knows, Lord Elrond may be kind and enable me to stay in Imladris as long as I am with Estelarion."

"They will let you come," Estelarion said, "Why would they not?"

"I know not," Menelduliniel said, somewhat sarcastically, "Maybe because the Prince, himself, drove me out of Mirkwood when last I saw him?"

"That was a few years ago," Estelarion rationalized.

"A few years is nothing, my darling friend," Menelduliniel said, bitterly.

"Imladris will be a refuge for you," Estelarion said, "They will permit you to pass through and even stay there."

"We shall see," Menelduliniel said, doubtfully. "I, personally, think I would have more of a chance venturing into Lothlorien and living to tell the tale than Imladris."

"They will not kill you," Estelarion said in an exhasperated voice.

"And what is to prevent them? I am a murderer to those people."

Estelarion stifled a laugh, causing a low grunt to come from his throat. "If they only knew you," he said, "They would know you were no killer. They may still want you dead for your nagging, but they would know that you would never willingly extinguish the spark of another life. Unless, of course, you were whining them into their grave."

He got a sharp smack in the stomach from Menelduliniel.

"Ow! Stop!" he exclaimed.

"Then do not be rude in the presence of a lady," Menelduliniel said.

Estelarion held back the urge to make a comment on the "lady-like" nature of Menelduliniel.

"To return to your question," Menelduliniel said to Susan, "I am pressing Estelarion to return to Harad after this venture. You may travel with us if you please."

She gave Susan a look, obviously showing that she wished Susan to say no and that she really meant that Erana should find her home.

"We are always looking for company," Estelarion added. The poor Elf was clueless to the silent understanding between Menelduliniel and Susan.

He also missed the small look of frustration that Menelduliniel shot at him. She proceeded to role her eyes and look at Susan, mouthing something. Susan could just make out the words "Men" and "Blind". She smiled and nodded.
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