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The Eye

Susan smiled and nodded at Menelduliniel, then glanced at Estelarion. The poor man had no clue what was really being said between the two women. If she'd been a bit younger and had less self control she might have laughed at him for it, but she didn't. She too had had unobservant moments in her life and it did no one any good to have them pointed out. To his credit, he looked a bit disappointed when she replied, "Thank you for the offer, but I've been to Harad and their stories are bit...bloodthirsty for my taste. Although that was some time ago, so things might have changed there. Tell me, is "The Hunter's Bow" still repeated in the inns and taverns of Lowenna?"

The two sitting across from her looked surprised. After a moment, Menelduliniel responded, "No, I haven't heard of that story, nor have I heard of a city named Lowenna, although we've stayed mostly in the capital, Ariwenna, so perhaps we've simply never been there."

Susan leaned back, shocked. Lowenna was no longer the capital of Harad? How long had it been since she'd journeyed South? She leaned forward, determined to get to the bottom of this. "The capital is Ariwenna, you say?" They nodded. She leaned back again and took a drink of mead. "I was in Harad a long time ago, longer than I'd realised. I wonder if it's a different city altogether or simply a diferent name...can you tell me where it is?"

Estelarion described the city, sitting next the Anduin delta, overlooking the City of the Corsairs across the river. Susan nodded, relieved. The city of her memory was still there, just called by a different name. She was surprised they hadn't heard "The Hunter's Bow", though. When she'd been there, that story was repeated at least once a week as a parable of what happened when a person got careless. Ah, well, perhaps she'd go back someday and reintroduce it, but not today. Estelarion's mention of Rivendell had sparked an old memory. She realised someone had spoken. "I'm sorry, what?" She said, looking up from her mug.

Estelarion repeated himself patiently, although the expression on his face was irritated. "I asked if you were certain you couldn't go with us to Harad. We could use the company."

Susan glanced briefly at Menelduliniel. She seemed to be looking anywhere but at her partner, as if embarrassed at his persistence. Susan smiled. "No, but thank you again. After I leave here, I think I'll make my way to Imladris. I believe I have some distant relations there I haven't seen in a while." She looked at Meneldulinel as she said it.

Estelarion nodded. Still, he looked a bit disappointed. Susan reached across the table to pat his hand, then reached for her mug again. To her surprise, it was empty. How had that happened so quickly? Ah, well. She flagged a passing server and asked for a refill. He nodded and made his way back toward the bar, then brought her mug back, brimming. She smiled and took a long draught.

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