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Lostgaeriel has just left Hobbiton.

And since song lyrics (by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Meatloaf) have already been included, I'll add this one of mine (already in the Fan Fiction section).

The Lord of the Rings by Ian Hunter (writer and performer of Cleveland Rocks)

One, Two, Three, Four!


Elrond’s Council’s sending me,
Back where the Ring was made.
Sauron’s a cruel Enemy.
It’s such a long, hard way.

All the hobbit folk living down on the Row going:
Bilbo rocks!
Gandalf rocks!
Sneakin’ Sméagol throttled little Déagol, then:

Chorus 1:
Precious rocks! (4 times)

Saruman knows but he don’t care;
He got his problems too.
Palantír and a traitor’s White Hand,
And the tribute’s due.

All the little orcs with the crimson swords go:
Orthanc rocks!
Mordor rocks!
Killin’ in sin with a great big grin they go:

Chorus 2:
Nazgûl rock! (4 times)

I’ve got some weapons from the War - Age Two.
I use ‘em just like Dúnedain do.
They hate the villains, and I do too.
Oh! Strider rocks!
Yeah! Elfstone rocks!
So grab a knife,
Find some strife,
And yell and scream for War!

Chorus 3:
Frodo rocks! (4 times)

(Repeat Chorus 3)

(Repeat Chorus 3)

Chorus ad lib:
Gandalf rocks!
Aragorn rocks!
Samwise rocks!
Bilbo rocks!
Galadriel rocks!
Elrond rocks!
Glorfindel rocks!
Pippin rocks!
Merry rocks!
Gimli rocks!
Legolas rocks!
Boromir rocks!
Faramir rocks!
Éomer rocks!
Éowyn rocks!
Arwen rocks!

Frodo rocks!
Frodo’s what it’s made of.

I said:
Frodo rocks! (4 times)

I said:
Frodo rocks! (4 times)

Frodo rocks! (4 times)

Three, four! ... (4 times)

Instrumental finale

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