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I have to say that I often amuse my friends by enjoying movies that don't always have a decent plot line (ie, Once upon a time in Mexico). And I am often amused by thier dislike of such movies. The difference is that they go to a movie to think, while I just go to fight off boredom. While I enjoy an intellectual satire as much as the next, and I can never get into slap stick humor, I don't go with the intent of being taught anything.

It can be the same way with books. (Though, admittedly, the plot line is far more important there.) If I want to be taught something, I'll head over to the non-fiction section and find a book on the subject I want to learn about. If I just want something entertaining to read, I'll wander into the fiction section and pick up something that looks like it will enterain me. While I enjoy Lewis, I find his storeies more enjoyable if I just ignore the lesson behind it.

I do remember starting the Golden Compass. I think I stopped at the 11th chapter, since nothing was getting anywhere and too many new plot lines were being introduced. I did pick up a distinct dislike of the Church, though.

Originally Posted by Enca
With risk of digressing into an inappropriate topic (for this forum, anyway), I'd just like to say that atheism is not a religion. It often requires faith, yes -- but faith in reason rather than a deity.
A religion is a set of beliefs or pricncipals that one follows with conviction and zeal. And they don't have faith in Reason- they have faith in Science, which is entirely different. I won't carry the debate farther than this here, but I'd be happy to continue it in private with anyone who feels like it. (I'm studying apologetics, much like Lewis did.)
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