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White-Hand Reputation Reminders

The reputation system is a great way to let a forum member know what you think of a particular post they wrote. You can tell them how much you liked what they had to say, or even what you didn't like. Each time you give a reputation comment, positive or negative, it adds to a cumulative total that determines that member's overall 'reputation' on the Downs.

Your personal 'reputation' has no real function on the forum, since it doesn't add or subtract any forum abilities, but it does allow you to gauge how well or poorly your postings are being received by the other community members. If your reputation is high, good for you. And if it is low, perhaps you might ask yourself why. We can be a fairly critical bunch here on the Downs, but overall we are seldom vindictive, so if your reputation is plummeting, the source of the fall is probably you.

But even if you are to blame for your own slipping reputation, that doesn't mean you have to suffer unconstructive criticisms, especially if they are rude or mean-spirited.

And that is why I have written these reminders:

(1) If you give reputation, add a comment.

(2) Comments should be civil and constructive

(3) Sign your comment

If you can't follow these guidelines, don't give a reputation.

That's it. Thank,
The Barrow-Wight
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