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Originally Posted by Mister Underhill View Post
Right-clicking (in Windows) and opening a new tab or window will work for reputation, but it doesn't help with some of the drop-downs like "Thread Tools", which is an occasional pain in the rear.
When I did that, the thread tools were on the bottom of the page - I had to scroll down to the end of the thread. Weird, but it was there.

Originally Posted by Lalwendė View Post
Right-o! Some interesting advice there! Cheers! I'll give some of this a go, though there's no right click on this iBook thingie
Can you Ctrl-Click (or whatever the equivalent Mac key is)?

Originally Posted by Aganzir View Post
I've noticed it happens only when a thread (or the Active Topics section) is longer than one page.
I have Ubuntu Linux & use both Opera and Firefox.
Yay for Ubuntu!
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