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Folwren's post - Hama

All the violence was absolutely unnecessary. Hama stood behind all the others in the doorway, easily looking over Susca’s head and watching the struggle disapprovingly. Precious time was being wasted by bandying words back and forth and there were more important things to do than threaten to kill their only way out. He was about to point this out to Regnár when Regnár finally stood up. Hama gently eased his way into the room, passing behind Susca with a hand on her shoulder as he came in. His eyes turned towards the closet indicated to contain the guard’s livery. Ariel was already sorting through the slim pickings there. Without looking, Hama knew there would be nothing to fit his tall, powerful frame. He shrugged, not carrying much. He could manage.

He did not see the boy before he heard his voice, shrill with fear. “No, don’t kill us! We’re Gondorian, just like you! At least spare my sister. She will not betray you. She is only a child. She cannot even understand what is happening.”

Hama looked around sharply. Regnár’s eyes were set rather hard on the children. Hama didn’t like the expression in his face. He took half a step in their direction, and answered the boy instead of addressing Regnár.

“You don’t have to worry. We don’t kill helpless people when we can help it.” This was half directed to Regnár. “Come on out of the corner there, and stay in sight, that’s all.” He waited for some sign of acknowledgment from the boy, then, with a final glance at Regnár, he turned his back again and pretended to mind his own business.

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