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Judging by the interior of his house, the Easterling captain was rich. Rich Easterlings lacked taste: it was all gold and silver and heavy purple curtains. Bigger windows, shades of blue and green here and there, perhaps a living plant would have made the place much more beautiful. But then again, Susca knew that these Easterlings were barbarians - how could you expect them to understand anything about things like Art or Beauty?

She listened to Mir's lecture with cool indifference. Easterlings loved to show off, and this man had apparently decided to show off with his knowledge of geography and ancient legends. How this barbarian had acquaired so much lore would have been an interesting question if there weren't so many more important things at hand. The tension between the Easterling captain and Regnar was thick in the air and the two other soldier's - the pretty boy and the Rohanian - were watching the exchange eagerly. And the kids, they had been sent away - why, did the Easterling have a soft spot in his heart? or were these perhaps his own bastards? - but their footsteps had halted not long after they had passed the door. They were eavesdropping for sure, as children always were.

Now the Easterling was downright insulting Regnár. Had he only taken them to his home to die in his own living room? And if something within Regnár snapped, what would happen to Susca herself? No doubt the whole bunch of them would be executed for the murder of Captain Artamir Wainrider. There were two options - fleeing or doing something before Regnár lost his nerve. Susca backed away quietly, when there was a rush of movement. She turned to see Regnár charge at the Easterling with blade in his hand.

"No! Idiot! You will just get us all killed!"

And with those words she realised she was as deep in this mess as everyone else in the room.
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