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Woah. I just had the weirdest dream! I was sitting at my computer on the downs, when The Saucepan Man banged me over the head with his saucepan, and dragged me off. When I awoke (in the dream. I'm still asleep, mind you) I was tied to the Eifel tower. After screaming for about a minute, Saucepan man came back, and climbed up the tower like King Kong. He tried to swipe me with his pan, but he missed, I grabbed it, and he fell to his death. Inside the pan was a button, I pressed it, and I turned into the Saucepan Man! But the pan must have been evil, because I started closing and deleting all the threads. Go figure
'But Melkor also was there, and he came to the house of Fanor, and there he slew Finw King of the Noldor before his doors, and spilled the first blood in the Blessed Realm; for Finw alone had not fled from the horror of the Dark.'
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