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Wow, lots of detailed dreams. For some reason, my dreams are few and far between, just a mass of tangled images. As this thread came up, I thought I'd put in a vague dream I had a few monthes ago that involves Barrow-downs. Not a very flattering one, but dreams are like that.

Shire Mod Piosenniel was chasing me across a plain of black and green - it was an eerie neon kind of green glow, not the shade of grass, and I remember vaguely wondering why the world was colored like it. I decided that the soil was charred black and the grass stained by the result of a Nuclear bomb that the USA had finally dropped onto N.Korea after years of threatening. And meanwhile I was still running away with Pio after me, but he grew smaller as I ran on, but then agigantic paper airplane hurtled out of nowhere with Pio on top and hit me on the head with 'PM Aviation Co.' written on the wings.

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