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I had an altogether odd dream last night.

So me and some other people (some of them were Downers, but I'm not sure who, and some of them were people I've never met before) were slaves, and we were the entertainment at this party, except all we did was sit in the garage - they were showing us off or something - we were important. So we decided to escape while they were doing other things by going through their house and out the back door, which was a very risky attempt for some reason. Somewhere in this escape that house turns into my house, and it's me, Regin Hardhammer (he was a Dwarf), and my RPG character Sondo Brandybuck all trying to escape from these people who are trying to make us be slaves again. We fought them for awhile, they might have been Orcs for that segment of the dream. Regin and Sondo both killed one, I just sort of directed. The dream ended with us just dashing through a door.
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