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I don't see the need for having a separation between 'Planning' and 'Discussion' threads. Same idea, really. Obviously the 'game owner' will decide how much planning the players will be involved in (which will have to do with how much of a plan the game owner starts out with of course)... To me it seems like over-structuring to separate the two. Kinda a waste of space, too.

It's just easier in my head to draw a line between OOC and IC rather than 'planning stages' versus 'discussion stages.' I guess that's what it boils down to.

Oh, but also RE Pio's forum organization -- I think a sort of administrative/announcement forum might be useful. Might keep more of a feeling of structure (and moderator/admin attention; as in, this isn't just a free-for-all section of the site obviously) without there actually being lots of structure. However it might also give the feeling of this being a separate area of the forum. Which it is, but...I don't know what kind of perceptions we're going for here.

Originally Posted by Fea
Barrowdowners have a tendency, as a group, to be sticklers for quality. Maybe they didn't used to be, but in recent years? This is a pretty brainy place.
Yea...this is kinda what was behind my wanting to start this discussion more than once. How this manifested specifically in the RP section, anyway. Generally I just feel like people need to relax a little I guess. :x
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