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Originally Posted by Durelin View Post
I don't see the need for having a separation between 'Planning' and 'Discussion' threads. Same idea, really. Obviously the 'game owner' will decide how much planning the players will be involved in (which will have to do with how much of a plan the game owner starts out with of course)... To me it seems like over-structuring to separate the two. Kinda a waste of space, too.
I think that how the planning forum/threads are used will determine whether or not Planning and Discussion threads are essentially similar or essentially different. If a "planning" thread is only used to jumpstart a particular game idea, and leads directly into a game and so morphs into a "discussion thread," then yes--it would be redundant to have both.

However, I think that a "planning" forum has the potential to be somewhat more broadly focused. In addition to allowing players the chance to hone game ideas prior to starting a game, a planning forum might also have the leeway to delve into things like writing theory, etiquette discussions, and canonicity questions the game owners/players might want to bring up.

The biggest difference, in my opinion, is that with a "discussion thread," the only people who are liable to read it are the people involved in the game. The non-involved reader might follow the story thread, but I don't see them necessarily getting involved in the discussion thread--and even if they read it, I really don't see them replying. The clear distinction of a "planning forum," on the other hand, invites general readership and involvement to discussion about the "nuts and bolts" that they would not find in game-specific, on-going discussion threads.
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