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Lotrelf, you can find Phil Dragash's audio recordings here:

This particular link is where he introduces his project, and he does actually say that he intended it as a hybrid of an audiobook and a radio drama (I think I missed this when I listened to it the other day, because lots of noisy adverts kept popping up on my computer).

All the chapters, I believe, follow on after this on a loop.

Although Phil's first recording said that he had made/was making an experimental audio of a chapter from The Two Towers but would NOT be recording the whole book, I think he did actually proceed to do just that!

You can also download them as MP3's.

I warn you that I am perfectly capable of carrying on a chapter-by-chapter discussion of this. All forty-eight hours of it.

The BBC dramatisation is available to buy, BUT the way Amazon displays them is confusing. So much so that some people have even ordered it and ended up with the *awful" American version by The Mind's Eye (do *not* buy this!) It's also very confusing what is the BBC LOTR and what is Rob Inglis's audio reading.

There is a chapter-by-chapter discussion of the BBC LOTR in this subforum, but it might well be better to wait until you have heard it before you read that thread, to avoid spoilers.
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