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Originally Posted by Tar-Jx View Post
You know Radagast will be involved. You know it, and you hate it. PJ is going to force him with his rabbit-sled into the Battle of the Five Armies.
Yea. We've gotta find out what *really* happens if Rhosgobel Rabbits are forced into a straight-up, do or die fight with Gundabad Wargs.

Maybe we'll find some interesting side effect from whatever Radagast has been feeding them - like they turn from fast, furry friends to ...
(oh, those poor, surprised, wargs )
---- actually ---- maybe the rabbits will be the way Beorn breaks through Bolg's bodyguard of orcs during the battle. [the rabbits go berzerk and wipe out a mass of wargs holding Beorn in check]. I mean, it's not in the book - but when has that stopped PJ from a "plot twist" - especially if it "lets the fur fly".
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