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VT-LQ-04b, VT-LT-06 & VT-LT-11.5: "seldom" does solve the issue for Silindirin:
... and {Lůrien}[LůriŽn] used them much in his enchantments. VT-LT-06.5 {Amidmost of}[Within] those pleasances was set {within}[amid] a ring of shadowy cypress towering high that deep {vat}[well] {Silindrin}[Silindirin]. There it lay in a bed of pearls, and its surface unbroken was shot with silver flickerings, and the shadows of the trees lay on it, and the Mountains of Valinor could see their faces mirrored there. LůriŽn gazing upon it saw many visions of mystery pass across its face, and that he suffered {never}[seldom] to be stirred from its sleep save when Silmo came noiselessly with a silver urn to draw a draught of its shimmering cools, and fared softly thence to water the roots of Silpion ere the tree of gold grew hot.>
VT-LT-07<LT Otherwise was the mind of Tulkas, ...
But not for Culullin. What about:
... Its innermost solitude is walled with roses, and this is the place best beloved of that fair lady of the Spring. VT-EX-11.7 Amidmost of this place of odorous air did AulŽ set long ago that {cauldron}[well], gold {Kulullin}[Culullin], filled ever with the radiance of Laurelin like shining water, and thereof he contrived a fountain so that all the garden was full of the health and happiness of its pure light. Birds sang there all the year with the full throat of spring, and flowers grew in a riot of blossom and of glorious life. Yet VT-EX-13b was {none}[not much] ever of that splendour spilled from the {vat}[well] of gold save when VŠna's maidens led by {Urwen}[AriŽn] left that garden at the waxing of Silpion to water the roots of the tree of flame; but by the fountain it was always light with the amber light of day, as bees made busy about the roses, and there trod VŠna lissomly while larks sang above her golden head.>
VT-LT-06: I agree to Aiwendils last suggestion.

VT-LT-13: Since Beren was meet by Lķthien in Mandos, it can not be the coming of Men to Mandos that is in question but the hall (in LT named Fui). I don't see that the hall described fits the later Nienna's dwelling place. So what about this:
VT-LT-13c<LT{The}And some said that there was another hall {that she loved best was}, one yet wider and more dark than {VÍ}[the first]{, and she too named it with her own name, calling it Fui}. Therein before {her}Namoís black chair burnt a brazier with a single flickering coal, and the roof was of bats' wings, and the pillars that upheld it and the walls about were made of basalt. Thither came the sons of Men to hear their doom, and thither are they brought by all the multitude of ills that {Melko}[Melkor]'s evil music set within the world. Slaughters and fires, hungers and mishaps, diseases and blows dealt in the dark, cruelty and bitter cold and anguish and their own folly bring them here; and {Fui}[NŠmo] reads their hearts.>
VT-EX-39 / VT-LT-14: Okay, we leave the hall of Nienna in the Valaquenta. But I would as ArcusCalion like to have a statement about Nienna here, so I agree to Aiwendil that clouds of pity and endurance in hope does not work. What about:
VT-LT-14<LT {for she}[But NiŽnna] labored {rather} at the distilling of salt humors whereof are tears, and {black} clouds she wove and floated up that they were caught in the winds and went about the world, and {their lightless webs}[they] settled ever and anon upon those that dwelt therein. Now these tissues were {despairs and hopeless} mourning, sorrows and {blind} grief, [but those who hearken to Nienna learn pity, and endurance in hope].
VT-EX-30.1: Okay, if both of you feel that AriŽn should be a maiden of VŠna then she will be in our version. And by the way, AriŽn will be here name.

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