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VT-LT-11.7: Agreed.

VT-LT-14: It seems our opinions are fare sundered. Let's sort the discussion:
1. Mentioning Nienna at this point: We all agree that it would be good to mention her, but the only thing we agreed upon so fare are the destilling of tears.

2. The clouds of grief: ArcusCalion and I find this acceptable, but Aiwendil has a problem with this.

3. The hall in LT called Fui: Aiwendil and I agree that this should in our version be a description the special hall in Mandos in which Nmo gathers the fa of Men. But ArcusCalion would like to use the description for the dwelling of Nienna.

4. Snipets of Valaquenta used here again or moved to here: Aiwendil is complete against it, ArcusCalion would repeat the passages in question, and I would move them. In the end Aiwendil's point of view is the safest and has to rule. I search the older version of the former chapter "Of the Valar": But what is in there is either not useable or virtually the same as in the Valaquenta.

I have no solution ready for these points, but it might be helpful to sort them.

LT passage about the fate of Men: This is for sure a no go. On the one hand I don't think the passages realy fit the rehousing of Elves, since we are told that Manwe was the one to give the Elves the new boddy and it would be a case changing the sense of Tolkiens text greatly with out changing the words over much - for sure that is not wanted.

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