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Sting Most missed absentees

By which I don't really mean missing favorite characters (there are plenty of 'I love Glorfindel' threads), so much as ones whose absence had an additional resonance. My candidates are the Gondorians - Imrahil, Beregond, Bergil, Ioreth and the others. In Rohan we saw, or at least name-checked, nearly everyone (Theodred, Gamling, Hama, Grimbold, plus completely new characters like 'Haleth' and his family). Yet in Gondor, we only met the House of Stewards. Someone got one line who might be Imrahil and another did who might be Beregond, so there is a chance the EE will remedy this, but so far Minas Tirith was lacking the sense of depth and human interest Rohan had. It also seemed a bit bad that Aragorn and his mates were planning to lead Gondorian forces to war with no actual representatives of the land there to agree - without an Imrahil, they should have shown Faramir on a stretcher or something.<P>Halbarad is another I miss, again not because of his vibrant personality, but bcause of the whole idea of Aragorn's people, the Rangers of the North, but he and they would be less easy to casually include than the Gondor supporting cast.
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