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Imrahil is one of my favourite characters of all, so naturally I miss him.<P>Beregond... there was an actor named Ian Hughes listed as playing him. Last time I saw Rotk, I noticed Ian Hughes. He's listed on Imdb as playing Irolas. He's the guy with blonde hair, and right now the only place I can remember seeing him is when he talks to Denethor in the courtyard, after Faramir is brought in on a stretcher.<P>And of course I miss Bergil. I don't miss Ioreth, but I think she's in the Ext. Edition.<P>I know she isn't relevant to the story, but Lothiriel is one of my favourite characters, and it would be nice to see a glimpse of her. Not necessarily next to Eomer (like Fara and Eowyn at the coronation), unless they did actually marry that soon. If they included Imrahil, they could just pop her next to him at the coronation.<P>And Halbarad seems like quite a nice fellow, so he should have been included.
'The Hobbit' 1st impressions: 1. Thorin is hot... Oh god, I fancy a dwarf. 2. Thranduil is hotter. 3. Is that... Figwit! 4. Does Elijah Wood never age?
2nd: It's all about Fili & Kili, really. 3rd: BARD! OMG, Bard.
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