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Question Questionable thread titles

Not sure how to handle this personal peccadillo, and so thought to - what else?!? - start a thread that somehow may lead to some therapy.

So it's late, and I'll looking over the new and not so new threads within a section, looking for somewhere to plant some words that may start some discussion but won't overtax my brain too much, and so I'm reading over the thread titles, and then it happens...

I get this urge to post one (or few) word answers to a thread, as, well, the answer's obvious and, well, you asked the question, didn't you? So far, I've held off, and I'm hoping that this thread will keep my typing at bay just a little longer,'s what I want to do, late in the night:

I hope that that will keep me away from your threads for at least a day or two. Keep me in mind the next time you end your thread title in a question mark, as I may just answer.
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