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Legate of Amon Lanc is wading through the Dead Marshes.Legate of Amon Lanc is wading through the Dead Marshes.Legate of Amon Lanc is wading through the Dead Marshes.Legate of Amon Lanc is wading through the Dead Marshes.Legate of Amon Lanc is wading through the Dead Marshes.Legate of Amon Lanc is wading through the Dead Marshes.
Originally Posted by Enw View Post
Ok, semi-crazy conspiracy theory incoming: What about a Boro-wolf and EW-Lottie? In this scenario, Lottie does genuinely agree that a no-lynch is better for the side of good and decided to sacrifice Boro, who goes with it.

Pros (for the side of evil):
- EW-Lottie doesn't get found out as EW as soon.
- Strong wolf presence in the Dead Thread in the form of Boro (with 3 more future potential-wolves to spare!).
It is not so crazy a theory, although would be really bold. The "strong presence in the form of Boro" would make sense in terms of how Boro has been acting here (and I am sure he would be quite a presence), but that is very little to base the whole thing on, in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Loslote View Post
Interesting idea. While we're throwing out ideas that have been (I assume) percolating all Day, I would like to say that out of everyone here, you're the one who feels the most different compared to yesterDay. Also, that you would have been a great candidate to have been turned last Night, since as far as I can tell you were vaguely trusted by a majority of the village - and that killing Morsul offered you pretty good cover. With everyone's eyes on me as the major proponent of the no lynch, your involvement didn't garner any discussion at all. Whereas yesterDay you were at the front of discussion, toDay I feel like you've been trying to blend into the background more.
Originally Posted by Thinlmien View Post
And I agree very much with Lottie about Enw. There's something about him that's different, and he would have been a good (but obviously also short-sighted) pick from the EW. I mean picking the villager that is the most widely trusted/ considered reasonable/productive is great if it works but not exactly sneaky. But in this case I wouldn't be surprised... which kinda sucks for Enw of course if it's true - imagine being such a good good guy that you're turned evil and then lynched because you were the obvious choice because you were so good?
I wanted to respond to Lottie, but basically Lommy said it pretty well. It is true that yesterDay, he was much more all over the place posting his suggestions. I think Lommy also has a point in that if he really seemed to be trusted, he would be an obvious pick to make a Wolf out of, but exactly the question is if that would have been too obvious. But also upon re-reading his posts, I am not sure if there is such a big difference in his style. He re-posted some of his yesterDay's charts, then he commented here and there on the proceedings. That style does not differ so much in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Enw View Post
2. Now, if someone is selected from the first half of the names (which includes the person exactly in the middle), then the person is PREY (to use Kuru's terms), i.e., good, and if they are in the second half, they are a PREDATOR (also Kuru's term), i.e., evil.
Ok, I really don't want to talk about this this little before DL, but just a note - are we sure "prey" and "predator" equal "good" and "evil"? Because if so, why not use such terms. (In other words, like what might e.g. a Ranger, or even more a Hunter identify as. That's a very "predatory" role.)

Ok! Off to finish going through toDay's posts and then I will try to also figure out something sensible out of this and vote.

EDIT: x-ed with some bunch of people somewhere around since my last probably
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