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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
The second clue is a very cheeky one.

It was a way of covering an animal of which there are no named examples I know of, but there is someone connected with them.


And you know what? There IS a named example of this animal ... I've just thought of it ... but it's too late now, and anyway the cheeky clue/answer is pretty cool.
Well it's making my brain hurt right now, so I'll let it rest for a while before I start yelling 'of course! ANTSMERCY!'.

Originally Posted by Pervinca Took View Post
By the way, did you like my CORMACOLINDO ("Goodness me, my lettuce-draining implement") in my last password? It was inspired by your clues.
I did see that at the time, and had an appropriate groan over it. ^_^ Well, when one is mortally afraid of anagrams, one winds up brutalising the English language quite harshly.

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