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The game owner will play 1 main character and 2 Cameos.

1.) Feanor of the Peredhil’s Main Character

NAME: Alli Umfuil of Minas Tirith and Mount Doom

AGE: 19

RACE: Human

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Deau ex Machina, irresistible flirting skills, razor sharp dagger

APPEARANCE: Alli is 5’7” and slender. She has finally grown comfortable in her attractive and lean body and walks with a quick grace suited both to forests and the halls of kings. Her hair is black and ranges from mussed to appropriately fashioned for the company of nobles. She occasionally wears the styles for the wrong occasions simply to annoy. Her piercing eyes are an interesting blend of colors that lazy people oft term “grey”, though they are mostly blue, containing flecks of gold, brown, and many other tones of that variety. She mostly wears rangers’ garb, but knows how to dress appropriately for her work in palaces.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Alli has been hurt many times in her life and is open with her thoughts with a very limited number of beings: the king of Mordor, her friend Sai, Aime the Hunter, and Illamatar. She will lie without a moment’s hesitation and straight faced, and has better developed the skill since her first encounters with Mardil II of Gondor. She spends less time than of old wallowing in self pity, choosing now to keep herself occupied with Seeing, negotiating, hunting werewolves, and manipulating people into signing treaties when more ethical negotiation attempts fail. As the king’s spymaster, she is well suited. She is in the process of learning to delegate responsibilities.

HISTORY: Assigned to Mordor at 18 for anakronistically criticizing the government of Gondor, Alli worked as a balrog-winger for quite a while until, unexpectedly, she was granted the opportunity to escape from the place. Though at first she could not wait to return to her waiting family, Alli developed strong ties to Mordor and her former companions and now resides hidden in the borderlands. In the year following her allowed removal from the land, she acquired a small (and possibly illegal) bit of land in Ithilien but was given the job of king’s spymaster in Mordor and moved into the palace instead. She travels regularly and always wishes for her quiet home where she spends her hours pouring over maps, lore-books, and volumes of lupine psychology.



NAME: Roggie of Morgoth

AGE: uncertain

RACE: Maiar, specifically Balrog

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: flaming whip, scimitar, carcinogenic body that can either burn or cause no effect whatsoever with no respect for continuity, and with a little bit of terror.

APPEARANCE: Tall enough to require vaulted ceilings in his castle (the renovated Mount Doom Casino and Resort, now call the Mount Doom Palace and Casino), occasionally flaming, though usually just smoldering, often clad as a pirate with a superfluous eye patch and a much needed peg leg replacing that which King Mardil of Gondor once shot off during a tank chase in the bowels of Lundun. He casts a bit of a scary image, what with being a balrog and all, though it is a bit tempered by the pirate paraphernalia. His most appealing feature is his eyes, lined heavily with black kohl. Utterly wingless as of a year ago when one small Italian plumber werewolf named Mario stole those that Alli, in her former job as Balrog-Winger, had expertly given him.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Roggie is generally very calm and collected, though his temper is notorious. He listens to very few people and his best friend Alli Umfuil is one of them. He holds grudges. Roggie of Morgoth was an aspiring actor before the events of ATMI thrust him into the position of ruler of Mordor. Now he questions his ability to hold onto his kingdom which makes him consistently irritable. He often over-reacts when it comes to anything Gondorian.

HISTORY: Roggie once worked for Melkor Morgoth in a position much like that of a slave wherein he was given the suffix for his name as well as a very low self-image. Escaping the fate of Morgoth, Roggie took up his abode in Moria for just long enough to realize that his companion, Bill, was a huge wimp that could be beat up by ancient men with sticks. Roggie shifted his attention elsewhere, mainly Mordor. He relocated his home to take up his long desired acting career and was told after his first audition that his lips were too thin, his eyes not dark enough, and he needed wings before he could get any decent roles.

Very quickly he found a Balrog-Winging agency and paid a hefty amount for their services. The winger on duty that morning was none other than Alli Umfuil and they formed a fast friendship. A year and no acting jobs later, Roggie’s wings were stolen by the werewolf Mario and Roggie sought for Alli to help him regain them.

Though she did not, Roggie was caught up in her elaborate escape from Mordor wherein he lost a leg, developed a very bitter rivalry with Mardil, formed a pretty darned good friendship with Sai Onara, and gained control of the country.

A year later, he runs his country with Alli as his official spymaster.



NAME: Illamatar

AGE: eternal

RACE: Supreme Diety

GENDER: questionable, though encourages the pronoun “He”

WEAPONS: deau ex machina

APPEARANCE: though he is able to change appearance at will and may appear differently to many present in one situation, he favors a guise somewhat reminiscent of a long-necked, deep-eyed, bleating quadruped. Occasionally prefers invisibility.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Omnipotent, but likes to watch mortals struggle. After all, omnipotence and eternal life get boring. Still, there are times that he considers the action of the world to be similar to an obnoxious commercial playing during an excellent film and feels the need to hit fast-forward, or at the very least record the commercial, upload it onto his Mac, and digitally manipulate it into something far more interesting.

HISTORY: In the beginning, there was the void, a depressing abyss, and Eru was in it and was of it and was, indeed, it. He looked introspectively and complexly both out and in at this void and discovered that, being the void, he was watching himself watch himself. This turn of phrase fascinated him for quite some time before he desired a new plaything… a most dangerous plaything…

He created a group of angelic beings and started a band. His plaything was his baton and it occasionally flew from his divine grasp to hit members of the brass section. It was through this sort of accident that one of his musicians developed a severe mental disorder and decided to ruin all of band’s music before running off to try and take over the world. A few things happened between then and now, but none of them were particularly important. He created both heaven and Middle Earth and his musicians complained that they couldn’t see any of it, so he lit the whole thing up with some glow-in-the-dark stars, threw in some plants and animals, and eventually added some people, just for the fun of it. More importantly though, he was enjoying the performances of his truly kickin’ band.

So it was that Middle Earth got on quite well by itself for a good long aeon or two with only a few truly serious disasters. Once Eru sneezed in the middle of a really smashing metal song and a fairly unimportant island was destroyed, but he barely noticed.

Really, it wasn’t up until his musicians stopped having talent and started trying to compensate with a lack of clothing that he actually noticed this Middle Earth that he had created. He glanced quickly, seeing everything, and noticed that two of his band members (second chairs, both of them) had snuck off and gotten the place into a bit of a mess involving another Age. He also spotted a few werewolves running around and decided that he’d been lax enough and needed to help these people just a little since he’d given them the free will to do what they wanted and so, since it was his gift, the results were consequently his fault.

He appeared to a young Gondorian girl living in Mordor in a dream, taking the form of a llama, and so it was that the folk of Middle Earth began to call him Illamatar. He spoke to her in her sleep, giving her information about those in her vicinity, telling her their secrets. Voyeuristic though it may be, he didn’t mind. After all, he was Eru Illamatar, and this was more interesting that Maia Television or Vala Hits One. He fast grew addicted to this anakronistic werewolf game and began to pay far closer attention to the goings on of Middle Earth.

So it was that he would come when Alli Umfuil (for that was the name of she that he came to) called, for he learned that she tended to provide amusement, if only for how miserably her efforts proved to work out for her. He provided her with dreams even after she was appointed the position of spymaster, deciding that this was more interesting than watching his angels lip-synch and dance on infinitely large stages in provocative ways.

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