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Formendacil's character

NAME: HyarmenwŰ son of Hyarmendil

AGE: 71

RACE: D˙nedain of Gondor



APPEARANCE: Typically D˙nedainic in appearance: tall, silver-haired, with a regal, thin face, a slightly hooked nose, and rather bushy eyebrows. Cleanshaven, with a proud, straight, almost military, bearing. Generally serious in mien.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: HyarmenwŰ can be summed up in the word "haughty". He may think of himself as a good man, and can be fairly kind towards youth or fools, he, nonetheless, sees the world through the very tinted glasses of noble birth. A nationalist in his world view, he sees Gondor as the greatest nation in the world, an almost "Chosen People". He is absolutely loyal to the House of Telcontar, and can be very narrowminded towards all else.

HISTORY: As pureblooded a D˙nedan as one can be in the mid-Fourth Age, HyarmenwŰ comes of a very noble family of Minas Tirith, claiming direct descent from H˙rin, Warden of the Keys, whose title he holds himself, as well as kinship with the Line of the Stewards and the Kings of Gondor. As a young man, he served in campaigns in Far Harad, and became Keeper of the Keys after the death of his father Hyarmendil. Although advancing a great deal in age, he remains hale thus far. He has not used a blade in years, but could probably be expected to wield it respectably, were he to need to.

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