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Diamond18's character

NAME: Skittles MacFarlewyn
(will answer to Skitt and Les, but never to Kit, and never ever to her real name, which is Nancy)

AGE: 21

RACE: Human

GENDER: Female

WEAPONS: Her body is a weapon. Also, she has an endless supply of switchblades with decorative handles.

APPEARANCE: Tall and skinny. Her hair is a mass of tangled black curls, with purple, blue, and emerald green highlights. Her skin is very pale, freakishly so, and tests have shown that she will not tan or burn or even get the slightest shade darker even under long, intensive exposure to sunlight. She once spent seven hours in a tanning booth and didn’t darken a whit (thus winning a bet which entailed the loser having to streak through a church.) She either wears clothes of many bright colors or dresses all in black. The importance of this is covered below.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Skittles does not suffer from insanity, she enjoys every minute of it. She is most often cheerful -- or rather, Morgoth-May-Care -- and there is no predicting what she may do or say. However, she may be provoked into a violent and dangerous mood swing which can last for mere minutes or stretch into days. When this happens she becomes hard, snarky, and switchblade-happy. At times like this she is known to wear black leather and say things like “Do ya feel lucky?”, “Go ahead, make my day,” and “Hasta-la-vista, baby,” as often as she can. She has been known to switch between fancy-free and sinister as many as 60 times per hour. Skittles owns a cat named Hissyfit who accompanies her almost everywhere, unless it is off on its own causing confusion and mass hysteria.

HISTORY: She is a second generation Mordorian -- her parents were Assigned in their youth, both for quoting Shakespeare. After some years they met in an elevator, fell in love, quoted Romeo and Juliet, and decided to get married. This was a foolish thing, since her mother was a psychologist and her father was one of those annoying child rearing experts. Skittles is the demented product of this unholy alliance.

Mr. and Mrs. MacFarlewyn have told Skittles from her earliest youth that she can be whatever she wants to be. Skittles would like to be a tall old oak tree, and there are in fact times when no one can convince her that she is not, and she will stand completely still with her arms outstretched until someone threatens her with an axe, at which time she will do them bodily harm.

How, you may be asking, does such a person become an Ambassador? Wouldn’t she, you may be wondering, be better suited as an assassin or something? Well, you may be right, and she did once kill a man just to watch him die, but her parents were influential members of the community and it was their dream to see Skittles become a high ranking official in the Mordorian government. They pulled strings, greased palms, blackmailed, and made death threats until they secured Skittles the attractive position of Diplomat. She has never been outside Mordor, but this is of little concern to them. Most people deal with her by trying to ignore her, and diverting her attention away from her job onto other things, like pretending she is a tall old oak tree. She can sometimes be convinced to play at diplomacy like it is a role, and since she has a relatively quick mind under her madness, this is not always disastrous.

Skittles, of course, believes that she is completely sane and it is everyone else who is crazy. There is no known medication that has any affect on her -- besides producing a third mood swing and you never, ever want to go there. Trust me.

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