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Anguirel's character

NAME: The Lord Dracomir Malfoidacil of Gondor, son of the Lord Luciamir Malfoidacil. Also known in the anakronistic tongue as one Master Tom Felton.

AGE: 18, or 15, or 16 (Real Life, Film, or Book)

RACE: Human and secretly Pureblood Wizard


WEAPONS: The Lord Dracomir has been known to wield a strange and deadly device known as a Diabolo. He also possesses a wand and a Nimbus Two Thousand And One racing broom. As for what happens at night...well...

APPEARANCE: Pale but rather embarrassingly adorable features. Slicked back white-blond hair. Tall enough for his age. Looks as though hes making an effort to appear rather more pallid and patrician than he actually is.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: The Lord Dracomir is a cunning schemer and duellist, an excellent flyer, has few equals in Potions (except that Potter boy), and has a grounding in the Dark Arts.

However, Tom Felton is crippled by the inner realisation that he is in fact a gorgeous, pleasant, hair-rufflable cherub with nice manners, not a bigoted murderer. He tries to hide this by over-compensating arrogance and political incorrectness. It rarely works.

HISTORY: Tom Felton used to be a normal, happy, prancing Kensington child. But then he was whisked away by the forces of Hollywood, where he took on the persona of Draco Malfoy and became beloved of millions of raving fangirls. He forgot his old life and became stuck in a rut, and could be found conspiring with Jason Isaacs to destroy Mudbloods.

But the situation got still worse when Harry Potter purists, frustrated by a covetous glance he directed at Emma Watson in a moment of non-focalisation, consigned him to Mordor. Here he encountered none other than Fenrir Greyback, assigned by a Lupin-lover. After a desperate confrontation he managed to escape and stumbled upon his parents, Lucius and Narcissa. An independent lad, though, with a keen interest in night-life, he was wandering in the street when a large and luminous llama appeared, shouted Petrificus Totallus! and stuffed him in a bin-bag.

He was discovered by Alli and Sai, two members of the Offending Party, and took part in their subsequent machinations, including the Dol-in-Gaurgauroth affair. Impressed by his clear ability, when Mardil of Ithilien became King of Gondor he summoned Tom, granting him and his family the title of Lords of Malfoidacil for as long as they served as counsellors. Tom did not wish to refuse, and took the name Dracomir; for after all, the King had been told the plot of Book Seven...
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