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NAME: Panakeia


Human, from Harad


None, really. Great powers of persuasion. Implied threat of bringing the wrath of the Grand Anakronist upon those who cross her, though she has never said such a thing to anyone.

Panakeia formerly had bleached blonde hair and overly heavy makeup. Since meeting the Grand Anakronist, however, she has allowed it to return to its natural light brown (streaked with a few gray hairs, to Panakeia's great consternation) shade. Dark blue eyes. She has toned down her makeup as well, though she still tends to wear some. Jewelry remains fairly elaborate, as do her clothes, which are now less garish than they are obviously chic and pricey.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Strengths: Panakeia regained her conscience in ATM I, so she is reasonable nice. Pragmatic, intelligent. Weaknesses: Vanity is still her Achilles Heel. Short-tempered. Demanding at times.

HISTORY: (Mostly copied shamelessly from ATM I) Panakeia was born to a poor family from the borders of Harad upon whom the curse of the Anakronism Dweomer sat heavily, like a lump of gravy on a slice of day-old turkey. Fortunately for them, this particular corner of Middle-earth was far from the ears and eyes of those who enforced the Laws of Gondor which outlawed the use of Anakronisms (or any laws at all, for that matter), so it made little difference to the young Panakeia, who grew up discussing Britney Spears and marketing tactics with her two siblings as if such terms were completely normal for Middle-earth in the Fourth Age.

By Panakeia’s 10th birthday, her family’s fortunes mysteriously changed and they found themselves in possession of a large estate. She grew into a surprisingly attractive young woman with high principles, and by 18 she was the belle of the Harad area. It was also about this time that she discovered the reason for her family’s rags-to-riches story: in a locked attic, Panakeia stumbled on a box of pamphlets advertising cheap garden spot lots. Unfortunately, a quick glance at the map included with the ads would have told anyone who had even a passing acquaintance with geography that the so-called garden spot was located smack in the middle of the Dead Marshes. Worse yet, there was evidence for many other schemes run by her family over the years. Panakeia was horrified and vowed never to join the family business, insisting that there was no offer that they could possibly make her that she would not be able to refuse.

But Fate was working against Panakeia. Shortly afterwards, retribution came upon her family in the form of disgruntled investors from the land scheme. These investors burned her home to the ground, forcing her to flee into the wilderness. In the confusion, she became separated from her relatives, none of whom she would see again. Poor Panakeia wandered in the wild for days, lost and starving. Finally, she located an old potato field, clawed a raw tuber from the earth with her fingernails and devoured it. With a cry to the setting sun of “I’ll never be hungry again,” Panakeia decided to wreak her revenge on those who had ended her fairy-tale existence by restarting her family’s old schemes. After all, if people were foolish enough to fall for her scams, they deserved whatever came to them, didn’t they? She then headed out on the road, selling various health and beauty potions of dubious quality from a roadside stand. Over the years, she became accustomed to her lifestyle and completely forgot her early idealism.

In time, her travels took her to the heart of Gondor itself. Unaware of (or perhaps indifferent to) the banning of Anakronisms, she set up her stand on the road to Minas Tirith and called out “Panakeia’s Beauty Cream! Guaranteed to give you J Lo’s youthful glow, or your money back!” She only had time to make two sales before being whisked off to Mordor by the Anakronism Police.

One year ago, Panakeia was selected as a member of the Grand Anakronist's Offending Party and given a chance to leave Mordor. She completed all tests required to gain her freedom, but chose to remain in Mordor due to a sudden romance with the Grand Anakronist. Since then, she has been involved in a courtship with Anakron, (anakronistically referred to as dating). While quite happy with him, she is annoyed that he has not yet proposed the all-important state of marriage, despite her constant hints that she is ready and eager for such a step, especially given that she is about to turn 51. For that reason, she has started following Anakron on all of his journeys through Mordor, even those for official business, despite the fact that political subjects cause her endless ennui. That is how Panakeia, despite not being politically inclined, arrived at the diplomatic proceedings.

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