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Erling smiled as he met her gaze and replied to her question.
“I do not know much about Elves in general, I have only seldom seen them pass through the lands and even less rarely have I spoken with them. Strange folks they are these elves, I am not sure what to think of them.” Erling said, he moved around on his stool as if he was uncomfortable talking about the subject.

With his eyes scouring the room he continued: “I mean, they are fair to look at and all, but something is definitely not right with them! Once I saw some of them walk across my field, being afraid of them damaging my crops I of course hurried to the field, but when I got there they were all gone with out a trace! Would you believe it, non of my crops had been stomped, not a straw had been snapped and I could not find one foot print, even in the soft ground where I know they must have walked. I have never before in my life seen anything like it, if I did not trust my own two eyes I would think I was mistaken. - One could almost be led to believe that they float above the ground rather than walk on it. There is definitely something strange, one might say magical, about them and magic is not something for men to meddle with.”

As he finished his story, Erling noticed that everybody had stopped talking and was sitting in silence with eyes fixed on him. Clearly a bit nervous about the attention Erling continued talking.

“I do not know what these Elves want here and I do not know them, but it could seem that Lord Ulfang thinks highly of them, although I don’t know exactly why. Lets hope they don’t use any of their Elven-magic on him, everyone needs to be alert when around such strange beings; even the Lords.”

Erling took a huge gulp of ale from his mug, as he put the mug back down he leand back and shook his head while mumbling “strange folks indeed”. He then grew quiet for a few seconds, before looking to Grimr hoping for him to give his views and knowledge on the subject.
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