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The company in the throne room did not have to wait long. Five minutes passed perhaps, but to those that endured it, it well might have seemed like twenty. All the same, in little time, the door opened again and Ulwarth entered, stooped slightly and frowning. A taller man came behind him – Uldor. He stopped a few paces in the room as the two elves and his third brother rose to their feet. Ulfang told him the elven ambassador’s name and Uldor bowed, as was due.

“I apologize to have kept you waiting,” Uldor said as he straightened again. “But I’m sure my father and brother made ample company and amusement for you.” He cast a sharp eye on Ulfast. Their eyes met momentarily before both looked away. Something was rankling Ulfast, that much was certain. Uldor thought that he really shouldn’t care. Something was always rankling Ulfast. “Please, don’t stand any longer. Sit down, and let us hear what has brought you so far and across so many hard lands.”

He turned as he finished and walked to his place by his father’s chair and sat down. Ulwarth returned to his chair and slumped into the wooden depth of it. A look of complete boredom filled his face and his eyes half closed in lethargy. But beneath the pale eyelids, his dark eyes glinted as they turned towards the elf.

Lachrandir did not sit again as Uldor had bidden him. He took a step forward and in his hand he held a scroll.

“Wait a moment,” Uldor interrupted before the elf had even begun. “You will excuse my asking, but I know nothing about what is going on and would like to have an explanation before we plunge into things like this.” He looked first at his father, then at Ulfast, and lastly upon Lachrandir.
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